The Amansad Financial Advantage

If you’re in the market for a private mortgage, chances are that you have already gone through a lengthy process of providing documents and answering questions, only to have a bank turn you down. At Amansad Financial, we connect clients with the private lending that they need without a lot of the same hassle that you get from other brokers.

So what sets us apart from the rest?

Many brokerage firms that provide private lending services take your application and then send it around to one lender at a time. So if the first lender approves the application, then the process might not take that long. However, if the first lender and their underwriting committee don’t approve the loan, then they send it back to the broker, who then sends it along to the next private lender. In some cases, you get brokers who will send to another broker that specializes in private lending, but that is a another whole separate conversation. In either case, this can take weeks, depending on how long each lender takes to review the application and then get their response back to the brokerage.

Amansad Financial has a Direct Lender Group Network (DLGN) that works with a set of parameters that rarely changes from one application to the next. That means that Amansad can review the application and issue the commitment, instead of waiting for lenders to review the application themselves. If you can meet the conditions that come with the commitment, then things move forward.

How does this save you time? You’re not waiting for your application to bounce back from broker to lender and back for as long as it takes to find approval for your loan. Instead, you find out right away what you need to provide for approval, and then we move forward to get your loan closed and funded. That way, you’re not sitting around waiting for approval when you could be moving into that new house.

Amansad Financial is an Alberta based Mortgage Broker with DLC Brokers for Life, Inc. and provides the whole spectrum of financing options to customers, from traditional bank loans to creative solutions involving private equity. Our focus is in the Private lending sector using private equity lending and alternative mortgage solutions for borrowers who cannot obtain traditional loans. However, most of the challenges that our customers face are ones that our private mortgage lending partners can overlook. If you have enough of a down payment / equity or security (or both), Amansad Financial and our private lending network can generally find a solution. Don’t let poor credit keep you from applying! Get in touch with one of our private lending specialists today.