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Current Mortgage Rates

With respect to non-private mortgages, our services are covered by the lender, you pay $0 for our time. There is no upfront cost to our consumers to complete an initial review and assessment of your file.

Amansad Financial Current Mortgage Rates

View our current mortgage rates below and use our payment calculator to see what mortgage option might work for you.


Mortgage TermOur Best RatesMost Banks
1 Year Closed2.99%3.64%
1 Year Opennana
2 Year2.89%3.74%
3 Year2.89%4.44%
4 Year2.94%4.59%
5 Year Insured 2.49%5.34%
7 Year3.57%5.79%
10 Year3.29%6.29%
3 Year Variablen/a4.65%
5 Year Variable2.85%3.95%
5 Year Uninsurable Fixed 2.79%5.34%
5 Year Uninsured Variable2.90%5.34%
 Bank Prime is currently 3.95%

Note 1: Rates subject to change without notice Note 2: All rates are O.A.C (All the above rates are for non-private mortgages.) Private & Alternative Mortgages are subject to higher rates. Please call for details on private mortgage lending and rates.

“Reverse Mortgage & Income Advantage Rates Available upon request for owner-occupied properties in which applicants are over the age of 55”

We draw on our vast network lenders and banks to get the lowest mortgage rates in Canada. We will take through the entire process, from application to closing.

Ready to get started? Contact us using our pre-qualification form and we will call you within 1 business day,  or give us a call.

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