Love Today, More Today

I love my kids & wouldn’t trade them for the world. In today’s times, it’s so easy to get caught up with what society perceives to be important. While being caught up in the world’s expectations, many forget about the importance on the 1-on-1 relationships. Providing love, wisdom, guidance, play, encouragement, & simply being there is so much meaningful than electronic gadgets & games to your children. Adopt their interests & have them become yours.

Ask yourself,…. When’s the last time you played catch or blocks? Went for an ice cream 1 on 1? Walked them to school? Worked on a jump shot with your kid? Played a classic board game? Sat on the top of a hill & looked up & admired the sky above? Many are plugged into the world, but unplugged from what matters most. Invest in our kids. It will do as much good for them as it will do for you. We/I can always do more.

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