Broker Referral

Amansad Financial Services is a trusted source for mortgage brokers who are not familiar with alternative and private lending solutions, and we have worked with independent clients and mortgage brokers throughout western Canada, building a track record of superior customer service and efficiency in the loan process. We also work with mobile mortgage associates that do not offer subprime or private lending options. We have connected many B and C clients with lending sources, allowing brokers to focus on their A clients. For mortgage brokers that have clients that fall into one of these categories listed below, and you cannot place the file yourself, allow our alternative lending expertise to contribute to your bottom line and get your clients on the road to home ownership.

Amansad Financial Services List of Services:

➤ Bad Credit Mortgage
➤ Blanket (Inter Alia) Mortgage
➤ Collateral Mortgages
➤ Commercial Mortgage
➤ Construction Mortgage
➤ Equity Based Purchases
➤ First, Second & Third Mortgages 
➤ Foreclosure Services
➤ Home Equity Loans
➤ Home Improvement & Addition Funding
➤ Interest Only Mortgages
➤ Land Acquisition/ Development Funding
➤ Mortgage Postponement
➤ Mortgage Refinance
➤ Open and Closed Mortgages
➤ Payout Judgments, Liens, Writs, Collections
➤ Private Mortgage
➤ Property Tax Arrears, CRA, Ex-Spouses
➤ Real Estate Investing
➤ Renovation Flip Financing 
➤ Seller Financing
➤ Self Employed Mortgage
➤ Vendor Take Back Mortgage


If you require assistance you can make contact by:
  • Calling 1-877-756-1119 and ask for an agent. If we believe we can help your client, we will give them a call with your approval consent.
  • Send an application and appraisal (if available) to Once received, we will contact you to discuss the file in greater detail before making contact with your client.

Either way, we will work client directly with the client until closing so that we minimize delays. You will always be informed at every stage.

After closing, the referral will be paid out. The client remains with you for future business.

We look forward to helping you with your tough deals.