Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Tips for a Stress Free More Enjoyable 2017

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017.
As we say goodbye to another year and welcome 2017, it is common and somewhat expected to reflect. When we reflect, we look back on the decisions that we made in the last year and try to derive some lessons from them. What worked well? What didn’t produce the results we wanted? Most importantly, what can we learn to put to work for us in 2017?

We wrote this article is to provide some helpful tips to make life easier and more enjoyable. Here are some suggestions we have to take some of the stress out of 2017 – and replace it with success and happiness. Most of what we post here has to do with mortgages, but if you think about it, applying for a mortgage gives a lender a look at much of what is working – and what is not working – for you right now. Do you have stability and (hopefully) advancement in your profession? Are you able to meet the obligations you have taken on for yourself? While money is not everything, your ability to handle your practical affairs goes a long way toward determining the type of mortgage you will be able to take out.

Live in the now
As I sat in Service today, I listened to something that I know but is not always applied. The pastor made it very clear that dwelling on your past is not a constructive activity. Yet we must look into our past to learn key lessons and apply them as we move forward through life. However, many will beat themselves up with “I should have”, “why didn’t I”, or “had I known’”. We all know hindsight is 20/20, so let’s use it for today and tomorrow.

Agree to disconnect to connect
In 2016 I’ve seen countless videos, posts, and insights regarding the negative impact that technology is having on society. The one that really caught my attention was Simon Sinek’s response to ‘Millennials in the Workplace’. We have all been so connected with our devices that we have distanced ourselves from our loved ones. We all need to carve out space for our meaningful relationships.

How to increase family time:

• Reduce or minimize your tech device notifications
• Pick up the phone when needed and hear their voice, personality, and emotion.
• Stay totally disconnected from devices for a reasonable amount of time each day

I have made a promise to myself both personally and professionally in 2017 as it applies to my situation. I challenge you all to find your own promise as it relates to technology.

Plan, but not too far
Having a game plan is essential. Sport teams do it. Small Businesses & Large Corporations do it. Even families do it. We must all prepare for the future; but the future is rarely the same as we envision. You may have to immerse yourself much more than you’d anticipated or alternatively you may need to draw back more than you have been accustomed to. The roadblocks you encounter are generally unforeseen but a part of everyday life. Make the best of it and ‘turn lemons into lemonade’. Prepare a grand plan, and section it off at the priority level. Continually reassess progress and restructure your plan accordingly tackling any small details along the way. It takes many small and consistent steps to finish any race. Dont’ quit. Be sure to finish the race. Your future self will be thankful you stuck it out.

Acquire Patience & Understanding
We all know the saying ‘Don’t judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes’. That is so true and can be applied to all relationships. Sure, we can all relate or have a small understanding of what someone is going through. For example, if a person is considering bankruptcy and is financially stressed, another individual who has been through it can easily say ‘do this, do that, and so on’. However, we may not be aware of what the person in the bind is going through in their life. Maybe they recently lost a loved one, or are facing some other dire situation that has compounded to the financial stress which makes it more difficult to think clearly. The listener may have only heard the word ‘bankruptcy’. The two individuals are certainly walking in 2 different shoes with perhaps only 1 similarity. I believe that if we take the time to really understand, and refrain from judgement and simply do what can be done to improve the situation, we will all be better off. Sometimes, all you can do is listen. In other cases, you can truly help or at least point the person in the right direction. Let’s all try do that and first step comes from trying to understand each other.

Have Passion & Compassion
Ultimately, it is always about love whether we believe or recognize it. If you don’t feel you have love in your life, it’s there… you just need to find it. I recognize that it is not that simple in these trying times, but reach out! I truly believe that love is all around us but many are too prideful to see it or ask for help. With everyone so concerned about themselves and not truly being connected as a community, love can seem lost…

If you are feeling disconnected or unloved, try the following;
• Reconnect with old friends
• Join meetup groups with people of similar interest
• Connect with your family more often by phone or in person
• Do a nice gesture for someone else in need, and follow it up
• Make it an effort to do something kind for anyone as often as possible
• Hold & Open the door for strangers with a Thank You & Your Welcome
• Buy a Coffee for the person behind you

• Donate old clothes to shelters (maybe even donate your time)
• Volunteer for something close to your heart

And there’s so much more.
When love appears to be lacking, make it a mission to deliver your love where it’s needed. I make no guarantees, but I am certain that love will be reciprocated.

I hope for everyone to have a wonderful 2017, and much success in all your relationships moving forward. Enjoy the Moment, Bring Joy to others, and Joy will be a staple in your life.

Happy New Year!

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