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About Amansad Financial Services Inc.

Amansad Financial Services Inc. (AFS Inc.) provides residents of Canada with Alternative Mortgage Options.

Customers who generally cannot obtain traditional bank financing Contact Us. We do not compete with the banks or their terms. We provide an alternative solution to the banks. Whether it is residential, land or commercial, Amansad Financial has the tools and contacts to find you the necessary funding to overcome the challenges you may be facing.

Our Borrowers generally have challenges that can be overlooked with our private mortgage lenders across Canada. If there is adequate equity or down payment, security, or a combination of both… a solution will likely be found. Borrower credit is the least of our worries with non-traditional (non-bank) financing. Private and Alternative Mortgage Solutions is our arena of business. This is accomplished by working with our network of institutional non-bank private lenders, direct private lender individuals, industry partners and our various niche investors.

Whether you are looking to purchase a property, currently own one or multiple properties, or you are a mortgage broker that isn’t comfortable or familiar with private lending, Amansad is here to assist.

As an Alberta based Mortgage Broker Professional with DLC Brokers For Life, we have access to traditional financing options, but Amansad Financial focuses its efforts on Private, Equity, and Alternative Mortgage Solutions. Brokers For Life Inc. is licensed and provides services in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. Taking it a step further, we also have relationships with lenders in the Maritimes, Quebec, NWT, and the Yukon. Contact Us to see what we can do for you.

Amansad Financial looks to leverage the online tools available to benefit our customers. Customer’s can quickly start the process from their smartphone, tablet, or PC. Regardless of whether a customer is at home, in the office, or on vacation… the initial pre-application only takes minutes. No appointment bookings necessary. We work efficiently and respect the time of our all our Customers. We won’t initiate a formal application or a check credit unless we are confident that financing is a possibility and have written consent. Contact Us to see what we can do for you.

Our Mission Statement:
To provide a Canadian Mortgage Broker Service that all customers can count on for Mortgage Consulting Services and Alternative Mortgage Solutions.

More than just excellent rates, but excellent solutions to.”

Amansad Financial Services Inc. (AFS Inc.) is a Mortgage Brokerage Service. We are a Solution Based Company that works to solve real estate related obstacles. Amansad Financial, works both individually and with a large network of lenders for best results.

Your Private Mortgage Approval Awaits

Mortgage Alternatives Professional

Amansad Financial Services Inc. has made it a mission to fill the gap in lending by providing our clients with alternatives, so that they get the chance to move into the home of their dreams sooner, beginning the journey toward home ownership sooner than they would have otherwise. For other homeowners who have started to see their existing loans begin to fall behind, Amansad Financial Services Inc. has helped save their credit (and their homes) by connecting them with sources of bridge funding to get them back on their feet. That way that they avoid having a foreclosure on their credit report and make it back into good standing in time for the next renewal of their mortgage.

One of the most common alternative mortgage solutions is the use of a private lender. These lenders are often willing to provide a loan for a year or two’s term, for a high percentage of the existing value of the home. For people with low credit ratings but high down payments in hand, or for people with some equity in the home but who have started to fall behind on their mortgages, a private loan can make all the difference. It is necessary to have a plan for satisfying that loan within the shorter term, either by qualifying for a new traditional loan or simply paying off the home, but this often gets people back up on their feet and in good standing with their original lenders.

Another alternative mortgage option that is often popular among people who are further down the ladder toward foreclosure involves finding an investor who will purchase the home and then lease it back to the occupant for a year or two. At the end, the former owner (now the tenant) has the opportunity to purchase the home again, either by qualifying for another loan, finding other private funding, or getting the owner to agree to carry the note privately. Amansad Financial, Inc. has helped people in all of these situations find the financing they need to get into the home that they deserve. There is no reason to let the fact that a bank has turned you down for traditional financing to keep you from purchasing a home, particularly if you have a significant down payment on hand. If you are looking for mortgage alternatives, get in touch with one of our lending experts today or see if you qualify through our online pre-qualification form.

Amansad Financial Services provides solutions for:
  • Renters
  • Home Owners
  • Mortgage Professionals
  • Private Lenders

Because of the constantly changing mortgage landscape and Canadian Household Debt being at an all-time high, all areas of the market are being affected; from want-to-be Home Owners, Current Home Owners, Mortgage Agents, Brokerages, A-Lenders, as well as B and C Lenders. Everyone is affected.

Amansad Financial Services assists with the following:

Home Owners that are…

  • Unable to refinance with traditional lenders, trust companies, and/or private lenders.
  • Facing foreclosure or are behind on mortgage payments.
  • Unable to renew, and lack the equity to do so.
  • Finding it extremely difficult to make payments and pay off debt.

Renters that…

  • Cannot qualify with traditional banks but have a good down payments (15% or greater)
  • Are buying homes for substantially less than market value where the down payment is found in the existing equity

Mortgage Broker Professionals that…

  • Have exhausted all options for their clients, and seeking an alternative

Private Lenders that have…

  • Mortgages where the homeowner is in arrears.
  • Mortgages that they would prefer not want to renew.
  • Properties that they wish to foreclose on, but would like to explore an alternative option.
  • Properties that if they do foreclose on, may be vacant or on the market for an extended period of time.
  • Mortgages in which an Individual Private Lender needs to liquidate to free up mortgage funds.
  • A need and desire to lower delinquency ratios
  • Mortgages where the property value has decreased, and there is less than 15% equity.

Call a Mortgage Broker professional at Amansad Financial today.

Daniel K. Akowuah | Mortgage Professional / DLG Underwriter
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FSCO Brokerage License #12142 | FSCO License #M15000918 | SFSC Brokerage License #316141 | SFSC License #316774



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