Bad Credit Mortgage Articles

Very Bad Credit Mortgage

Back before the housing collapse of 2007 and 2008, getting a home loan was a lot easier to get a very bad credit mortgage as Lenders were flexible when it came to credit score and income verification. They were more interested in taking advantage of a burgeoning market in real ...
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Home Mortgage Loans Bad Credit

Home Mortgage Loans For People With Bad Credit Get home mortgage loans even with bad credit! If you have a credit score above 650, at least 20 percent of the purchase price to put down and a steady income history, getting a mortgage is fairly easy. You'll get the best rates ...
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Bad Credit Mortgage Loan Lenders

Finding Bad Credit Mortgage Loan Lenders This article discusses how Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders can help in a poor credit mortgage situation. If you watch television commercials for credit score reporting companies like Freescore, you might think that you can't accomplish any of your goals in life if you don't have the ...
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Easy Mortgage Financing Bad Credit

A credit score of 580 means different things, depending on the person behind the score. It can mean a person who currently has his credit cards maxed out and who has fallen a couple of payments behind on them. He's probably a month or two behind on his car payments ...
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How To Use the Debt Snowball Plan to Get Your Finances in Order

Debt is one of the greatest sources of lifestyle paralysis out there. Right now, you may feel like all you ever do is make a bunch of minimum payments on all of your accounts. In the meantime, your credit score is OK, but the “Balance Due” numbers never seem to ...
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Private Mortgage for Bad Credit

Private Mortgage Lenders For Bad Credit

Are you in need of a Bad credit mortgage loan lender? Are Banks and Brokers saying no due to low credit score? When most people think about the process of applying for a mortgage, they think about going to a bank or other lending institution depending on where they live ...
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