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Bad Credit Mortgage Articles

Very Bad Credit Mortgage

Back before the housing collapse of 2007 and 2008, getting a home loan was a lot easier to get a very bad credit mortgage as Lenders were flexible when it came to credit score and income verification. They were more interested in taking advantage of a burgeoning market in real …
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Mortgage Financing With Bad Credit

How to Get Mortgage Financing if you have Bad Credit A couple years ago, Jim was a successful regional operations manager for a major restaurant company based in Vancouver. He was bringing home $750,000 a year, and he and his wife bought a lovely home, using a bonus to make …
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3 Factors That Have A Significant Impact on Your Credit Score

Credit refers to money that is available to borrow. Credit scores are a measure of your creditworthiness, which refers to how thrifty you are or how responsible you are with money. With that in mind, it’s simple to understand how lending and credit scores work. Lenders don’t want to …
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How To Find Bad Credit Mortgage Loan Lenders

This article discusses how Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders can help in a poor credit mortgage situation. If you watch television commercials for credit score reporting companies like Freescore, you might think that you can’t accomplish any of your goals in life if you don’t have the right kind of credit. You won’t …
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Easy Mortgage Financing Bad Credit

A credit score of 580 means different things, depending on the person behind the score. It can mean a person who currently has his credit cards maxed out and who has fallen a couple of payments behind on them. He’s probably a month or two behind on his car payments …
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Home Mortgage Loans Bad Credit

Home Mortgage Loans For People With Bad Credit Get home mortgage loans even with bad credit! If you have a credit score above 650, at least 20 percent of the purchase price to put down and a steady income history, getting a mortgage is fairly easy. You’ll get the best rates …
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Bad Credit Mortgage Repair

How to Build Credit With Bad or No Credit When it comes to Bad Credit Mortgage Repair and qualifying for a mortgage, there are three essential components: a down payment, an acceptable credit score, and a verifiable income history that shows you can manage the obligation over time. Setting aside …
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How to Get a Mortgage with Bad Credit

Bad Credit Mortgage Loan Lenders In Canada

The ins and outs of How to Get a Mortgage with Bad Credit Are you a Canadian in need of a Bad Credit, Low Credit or a Private Mortgage Loan Lender? Are Banks and Brokers saying no due to low credit score? When most people think about the process of …
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