Refinance Loans

People need to refinance mortgages for all kinds of reasons. They might be going through a divorce, and they want to take one name off the title of the property. They might need to take out some equity to send a child off to college, or to purchase a vacation home. They might just want to take advantage of lower interest rates that have become available to them. Because of Canadian law, a mortgage that is amortized over 20, 25, or 30 years has to go through multiple renewals because of the limits on the length of the term of any loan.

Refinance Articles

Take a look at the different articles we’ve put together about various situations that can involve refinancing. Many customers have posed the queries that we have collected into a Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of the page. If you are curious about your own situation, we’re available by live chat, email or phone – and we also have an online application that you can fill out to see if you would pre-qualify with one of our providers.


Quitclaim Deeds and Refinancing

Quitclaim Deeds and Refinancing Quitclaim Deed Definition: A quitclaim deed is a document most commonly associated with the dissolution of a joint mortgage. Particularly with residential mortgages, the most frequent use of the quitclaim deed happens during the divorce process. As part of resolving the property portion of a divorce, ...
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Home Mortgage Loan Modifications

Requesting Home Mortgage Loan Modifications When people are having a hard time making their mortgage payments each month, a couple of strategies that often come to mind are refinancing the note or going to the bank to request a loan modification. Both of these processes have a similar outcome -- ...
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Refinancing in Canada

Mortgage Refinancing in Canada

Understanding Mortgage Refinancing in Canada When you're already in the middle of a mortgage, and you're seeing interest rates in the paper or online that are significantly lower than what you're paying, it's tempting to think about Mortgage Refinancing in Canada. This is essentially what happens when you do a ...
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Mortgage Refinancing vs equity takeouts

What’s the Difference between Equity Takeout and Refinance?

When you own a home, you are not only making an investment in your own future, you are also stuffing money into a giant savings back that is there if you need it. If you’ve owned your own home and lived in for more than a few years, you’ve probably ...
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Interest Only Mortgage Refinance

Interest Only Mortgage Refinance If you take an interest only mortgage out on a home, you only make payments on the interest on the note. This is a common short-term situation, because when you are done with the note, you haven't made any progress against the principal. You're still the ...
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Refinancing - approved after divorse

Refinancing Mortgage After Divorce

When you are going through a divorce, one of the most contentious items that has to be resolved between couples is the fate of the house they have purchased together. There are a lot of emotions that go into settling a divorce case, in most cases, and settling all of ...
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Rent to Own Overview & the IPR Agreement

A “rent to own / lease to own”, agreement is exactly what it sounds like – a tenant lives in a dwelling and starts paying rent on it – but at a predetermined point in time he will have the option to purchase that property at a previously agreed price ...
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Home Buyer FAQ

Rent-to-Own, Lease-to-Own FAQ

Great Questions to Ask Yourself before Entering Any Rent-to-Own, Lease-to-Own, or like agreement. Q. Is the initial contact made by a consultant, such as by an unsolicited phone call, letter, or e-mail? We always suggest that if you receive a call like this, you confirm how the company received your ...
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Refinancing vs renewal

Refinance vs Renewal – Paying Out Second Mortgage and More..

The Basics about Mortgage Renewal vs Refinance Difference between renewing and refinancing mortgage Are you wondering what the difference is between refinance and renewal? When you take out a mortgage for a home in Canada, you’re usually not going to pay it off over the life of the term. Traditionally, lenders amortize ...
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If you dont renew your mortgage

What if you don’t Renew Your Mortgage or Banks will Not Renew?

The mortgage process in Canada can be difficult for home buyers to negotiate, as the loan you take out is only designed to take you part of the way toward completing the purchase of the home. In most cases, mortgage payments are set up on an amortization schedule of between ...
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Rent to Own Refinance

Rent to Own Refinance in Canada

If you are looking for a flexible option for staying in a house when you have lost control of mortgage payments, received a demand notice from your lender, facing potential foreclosure, or you are within your redemption period after a Statement of Claim has been issued, then a Rent-to-Own Refinance ...
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private equity-takeout

We Love Providing Private Equity & Second Mortgages

Do you want an Equity or 2nd Mortgage? We Love providing them! Seems like a good fit. If your request makes sense, we can help! A common question is... What is the difference between an Equity Mortgage and a 2nd Mortgage? Answer; Nothing. Both mortgages use the built up equity ...
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Refinancing Answers

Reasons to Take Out a Home Equity Loan or a 2nd Mortgage: FAQ

At Amansad Financial, a lot of customers come to us with questions about home equity loans and 2nd Mortgages. We have helped people save money by paying credit card balances off by taking out loans against their home’s equity at a far lower rate of interest than what they were ...
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Refinancing Options

When Mortgage Refinancing Options are Limited or Non-Existent

What to Do When Mortgage Refinancing Options are Limited No one enters a mortgage planning to head into foreclosure. When you sit at the table at closing, your primary feelings should include optimism and excitement about your new dwelling, as you focus on ways you plan to make this new ...
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Rent to Own Programs

Rent to Own Programs

Rent to Own Programs and Financing Options One of the most flexible strategies for purchasing a house is renting to own or leasing with an option to buy. How does rent to own work? The process is much like it sounds. A homeowner or investor rents a property to a ...
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refinancing approval and consumer proposal

Refinance Mortgage With Consumer Proposal

If you are in debt over your head and realize that making your mortgage payments is not going to be possible, you can refinance your mortgage with a consumer proposal, through a program sponsored by the Canadian government. It is currently the only program that Canada’s government administers, and it ...
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2nd Mortgage with Bad Credit

Second Mortgage Bad Credit Loan

Taking Out a Second Mortgage Bad Credit Loan Is your credit score about to go below 650 or even 600? If you are going through a layoff or some other work interruption or other financial turmoil, your car payments are probably also behind, and your credit cards are likely to be at ...
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Understanding IPR Agreements: FAQ

When it comes to setting up IPR agreements, there are several common questions that we get from our clients. We’ve put together this page to help clients find basic information as they start exploring the process. If you have other questions, reach out to our mortgage specialists so that we ...
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Mortgage Renewal Approval

Renewing Mortgage with Bad Credit

Are you Renewing a Mortgage with Bad Credit? Are Banks saying NO? There are several factors involved in order to renew mortgage with bad credit. When you come to the end of an interim mortgage period with your lender, the mortgage renewal process takes place. For borrowers in Canada, the ...
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Mortgage Refinance Checklist

Refinance Mortgage Checklist

Mortgage Refinancing Checklist to Organize your Mortgage refinancing efforts. Checklist for Refinancing a Mortgage - Refinance Documents Checklist Identification 1 piece on non-expired Government Issued ID (One must be photo – Driver’s or Passport) – may require a second piece of ID at a later date depending on lender Corporate Documents, GST Licence (if self ...
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