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The Power of Blanket Mortgage / Inter Alia Mortgage

Inter Alia Mortgage Definition The term "inter alia" attached to a mortgage simply comes from the Latin phrase for "among other things," and it refers to a type of loan in which the lender is not satisfied with the property that is being pledged as security for a mortgage. In ...
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CMHC Portability: Good News for Borrrowers Who Are Moving

If you’re about to relocate, the portability feature that CMHC offers allows you to take your CMHC Mortgage Loan Insurance from the home you live in now to your new home – and you can end up saving some money by eliminating (or at least reducing) the premium on the ...
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Property Liens – Writ of Seizure and Sale, Maintenance Enforcement, & CROWN LAND

Writ of Seizure & Sale A property lien is a legal claim that has been filed against a particular real estate tract. The entity holding the lien is entitled to a specific dollar amount once the property is sold. The purpose of this sort of lien is to ensure that ...
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Marriage and Separation in Canada

Insight on Separation & Divorce in Canada Are you thinking about a separation from your spouse? Then you need to know the legal ins and outs when it comes to separation under Canadian law. This article will go over some ideas that many people have about separation so that you ...
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Amansad Financial – What You Need to Know

In the aftermath of the global financial downturn that roiled most markets starting in the US in 2007 and continuing worldwide into 2008, banks and other lenders tightened their regulations significantly with regard to access to mortgages and other forms of credit. We founded Amansad Financial to help consumers who ...
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Condo Buying and Associations

The Good and the Bad of Condo Buying & Associations: Many people purchase condominiums each year and enjoy living in them. However, many others find themselves overwhelmed by the burden of being in a condominium association. Understanding what a condominium is and how working with a board and association works ...
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Owner Finance Existing Mortgage

The benefits of Seller / Owner Financing Seller financing is a method of making a real estate purchase with little or no money down. This is one of the most commonly used strategies for creatively financing a real estate purchase. Knowing how to put this to work for you can ...
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Non-Arm’s Length Mortgages

A Step Further than a Gifted Down Payment When it comes to funding a mortgage, one obstacle that many people face is the down payment. Most banks and traditional lenders prefer applications with a down payment of at least 20 percent for the purchaser to avoid having to pay private ...
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Property Insurance Options – RPR, Title and Western Protocol

Property Insurance Options - RPR, Title and Western Protocol A lot of recent buyers of home and residential property are thinking of various optional ways for home and  security. When it comes to closing on a property, there are 3 general methods for securing the transaction with respect to the property ...
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An Alternative Mortgage Lending Specialist

Understanding the difference between the bank, the everyday broker, and an Alternative Mortgage Lending Broker Specialist With the real estate market returning to a place closer to its prosperity before the downturn of the housing market in 2008 and 2009, it is more important than ever to have access to ...
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Canadian Mortgage Trends: The Dangers of Consolidation

If you look up "mortgage broker" in your part of Canada, you might think that there is an entire galaxy of choices out there, which each star representing an independent agent who will go after the best deal for you when you are ready to buy your home. However, a Canada ...
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Calculating Mortgage Amortization in Canada

When you take a look at whether or not a mortgage is going to be affordable, one important tool is a mortgage amortization schedule. This shows you not only your monthly payment but also how each payment breaks down as far as paying off your interest and your principal. In ...
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Understanding Mortgage Prepayment and Traditional Mortgages

Understanding mortgage pre-payment is one of the most overlooked aspects of many homebuyers due to the fixation with the contract rate. The bank end exit of a mortgage on sale should be equally considered as the front end. In Canada, mortgages that do not have a prepayment penalty are known ...
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Seller Financing Pros and Cons

Given the current state of mortgage regulations, seller financing is becoming an increasingly popular option for new homebuyers. It offers them a chance to get a home loan when a traditional source, such as a bank, will not advance the funds. It gives a seller who has the financial flexibility ...
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Seven Ways to Torpedo Your Loan Request

One reason why Amansad Financial Services, Inc. opened its doors was to help borrowers who have the means to take on a mortgage or some other form of financing but cannot successfully negotiate the thicket of government regulations. We have encountered many borrowers over the years who have damaged their ...
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