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Private Mortgage Lending

Are you having a hard time getting approval for your refinance applications, second mortgages or equity take out loans on properties that you already own? Is your existing lender making your loan renewal difficult or rejecting your application outright? Have you had a financial emergency that means that you need extra capital, either for your personal needs or for your small business? Private lenders are individuals and companies that are looking to invest in situations like yours, giving you the funding that you need despite the fact that the banks may not work with you. The interest rates are often higher with private loans, and the terms are often shorter, but these vehicles can make the difference between taking advantage of growth opportunities in your business and falling into stagnation, or between having the funds you need to meet your current situation and having matters continue to spiral out of control.

Private Mortgage Articles

Check out our wealth of articles about various aspects of private lending. We also have a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the bottom of this page. If you decide that private lending could be right for you, please reach out to us via phone, email or live chat. If this seems right for your situation, you can submit a pre-qualifier online.

A Commercial Mortgage - 6 Great Things to Know

A Commercial Mortgage – 6 Great Things to Know

# 1 The Definition of a Commercial Mortgage A Commercial Mortgage is a loan securing real estate such as an office building, an industrial warehouse, commercial zoned land, farm land, apartment complex, or any single residential property that carries 4 units or greater. However,it is not limited to this. It …
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IPR Agreements FAQ

A Lenders vs B Lenders vs Private Lenders Canada Can Turn To When Banks Say NO

The start of 2018 meant, in Canada, the beginning of government-ordered “stress tests” to institutions that wanted to offer home loans. The end result was an increase in the difficulty for most potential borrowers to qualify for a mortgage. The same is true in 2020.

The price boom …
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A person’s hand on a pen with the words “private lenders” written.

Private Mortgage: When You Should Consider One

As a homeowner, you may have come across the term private mortgage, and the odds are that you wondered what sets a private mortgage apart from other mortgages. The thing is, when you get into the process, you’ll find that there are as many mortgage products you can consider as …
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Private Lending

Private Lending 12 Great Questions

If you are trying to take out a mortgage to buy that new house or simply needing to consolidate debt, but you’re having a hard time getting financing from a traditional lender; private lending is a great short term solution to get the financing.  12 FAQ QUESTIONS Take a look …
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bank statements


Everyone knows that Private Mortgage Loans are more flexible and easier to attain than a traditional mortgage. Aside from the property, one of the key documents reviewed when using private lenders are the bank documents. The 4 Keys when reviewing bank statements are… 1. Consistency 2. NSFs 3. Irregular Activity …
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the key to private mortgages

Benefits of Private Financing Mortgages

One of the most frequently broached topics in the financial news is the fact that more and more people seem to be lacking enough money in their retirement fund for their days after they stop working. While personal debt appears to be on the decline, personal saving does not appear …
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Considering a Private Mortgage

A “private mortgage” involves an entity or individual extending a loan for a mortgage, rather than a bank or credit union. There are many people who have the means to pay a mortgage but who do not fit within the banks’ metrics for financing approval; for them, private mortgages allow …
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A key and model house lying on a legal notification for a foreclosure.

Avoiding Foreclosure in Canada: Debt Relief from Your Mortgage

Being in debt and facing its consequences can be one of the most challenging situations you can find yourself in. One of these consequences includes facing foreclosure when you’re finding it difficult to make your monthly mortgage payments. That said, you certainly aren’t alone, and there are steps you can …
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Private Mortgage Loan: Why is it a good idea?

Private Mortgage Loan: Why is it a good idea?

Private lending is direct funding from an individual, so without any hassle. Here are some reasons why to consider it for property purchase.
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prepaid interest mortgage

How Prepaid Interest Works on Private Mortgages

Obtaining a mortgage in Canada can present a number of challenges to investors and homeowners. Thanks to recent changes in national law, potential borrowers have to go through what is known as a “stress test” to see that they can not only pay their potential mortgage under the prevailing interest …
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private mortgage funding e1545929289103

Private Mortgage Funding

Looking for Private Mortgage Funding? If you have been looking around for private mortgage funding sources, you have more options then you think. To purchase a home, you likely do not have all of the money on hand you need to buy it outright. The majority of people go to …
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Private Mortgage Funding

10 Things Private Lenders Need to Know

If you are having a hard time securing financing through conventional means, then a private lender can end up saving the day for you. Whether you have poor credit but think you can clean up your record in a few years or need funding to rescue you from the throes …
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Private Mortgage Loans to Provide Alternative Solution for Businesses during COVID-19

If your business is hurting during the COVID-19 shutdown, and the no-interest loans that the Canadian government is showering on businesses won’t work for you because of the program rules, you don’t have to close your doors just yet. Private mortgage loans come from investors who are looking to help …
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Getting a New Mortgage after a Divorce

Many married couples who end up separating or getting divorced must deal with a jointly owned home as part of the negotiations in the settlement process. In many cases, this home is the largest asset for them to decide how to split. In many cases, one spouse gets the home …
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Mortgage Lending Transactions

Superpriorities and Mortgage Lending Transactions

If a lender is going to provide funding with real property as its security, that lender will almost always have thorough familiarity with the due diligence that the borrower and the property go through before the loan goes to closing. The purpose of this due diligence is to make sure …
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private mortgage lenders alberta

Private Mortgage and finance options in Canada

Although most Canadians have heard about private mortgages in Canada, they have only little concept or knowledge about what are private mortgages and how they work. In simple terms, private mortgages can be the perfect alternative source of financing for money borrowers. For investors, they’re usually a high return on …
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private mortgage lenders alberta

Private Mortgage Lenders Alberta

Private Mortgage Lenders Alberta – Private And Bad Credit Mortgage Loans What is a Mortgage? By definition; “A loan that you take out in order to buy property. The collateral is the property itself.” However, the word mortgage alone, in everyday usage, is most often used to mean mortgage loan.  …
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How to Get a Mortgage with Bad Credit

Bad Credit Mortgage Loan Lenders In Canada

The ins and outs of How to Get a Mortgage with Bad Credit Are you a Canadian in need of a Bad Credit, Low Credit or a Private Mortgage Loan Lender? Are Banks and Brokers saying no due to low credit score? When most people think about the process of …
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Private Lending Guide

The Basics of Private Lending – for Lender and Borrower A private mortgage can be a great way for a property owner to obtain quick equity from their property or a person who wants to escape the rent cycle and has a sizable down payment saved away to do so …
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