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Real Estate Investing

Strong Basics for Subdivisions Investors

Strong Basics for Subdivisions Investors

What is subdivision? How does it differ from rezoning? If you’ve taken a drive outside the major city limits throughout Canada – or through some neighborhoods undergoing modernization —  you’ve likely seen advertising signs offering large pieces of land for sale.  Some sellers have taken the time to subdivide sections …
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Construction Mortgage

5 Must-Knows When Obtaining a Private Construction Mortgage

What is a Construction Mortgage? If you need to finance the building of a real estate project, such as a single family home or a multi-unit dwelling, you’ll need to take out a construction mortgage loan. These mortgages have short terms because they are designed to cover project costs ahead …
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RRSP Mortgage Rules

RRSP Mortgage Rules Using your RRSP to Invest in Mortgages One complaint that many Canadians have about their Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) is the low returns on their investment. Many portfolios are heavily invested in vehicles that are backed by the government or that have guaranteed returns, which means …
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Farmland Financing – The Basics on Agricultural Land Financing

Farmland Financing – The Basics on Agricultural Land Financing

What is Farmland (Agricultural Land) ? Agricultural land is any land on which activity designed to grow food products can take place. Generally, this happens on farms, but it can also happen on any land where it is possible to grow plants for fuels and fiber, as well as wood, …
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Investing in Mortgages – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Mortgage Investing Can the mortgage request be funded by more than one RRSP account?Yes, mortgages can be funded wholly or in part from the annuitant’s RRSP. If your RRSP is not large enough to fund the entire mortgage, the mortgage could be split between your accounts …
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Investor Purchase Refinance Procedure Summary

Step 1 – Reviewing and Understanding the Program Amansad Financial Services wants to be confident that you fully understand the program and what is required of you to succeed. Additional questions can be sent via contact form.    Signing an Offer to Purchase does not guarantee that we will secure …
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Investing in Real Estate (RTO)

How much does investing in real estate cost? What can I anticipate for a return for investing in real estate? How secure is my real estate investment? How long is a typical lease term on a property? What does a typical tenant-buyer look like? What is your tenant-buyer qualification process? …
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Investing in Mortgages in Canada

Private Mortgage Investing Simplified If you are looking for different ways to invest your money, the mortgage market is a place that more and more investors are considering. Amansad Financial has access to institutions with a number of clients who are looking for mortgage loans from creative sources, and we …
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