Additional Mortgage Options / Definitions

High Ratio Mortgage Canada

The high ratio mortgage in Canada is a great way to get into your house sooner and begin building equity ...

Open vs Closed Mortgages

Knowing the best loan for your needs is not always easy, but the first thing you need to have clear ...

Vendor Take Back Mortgage

What is vendor take back mortgage? Take Back Mortgage Definition:A vendor take back mortgage which is also know as a ...

What is a Collateral Mortgage

In Canada, the collateral mortgage is a specific type of loan that you may (or may not) want attached to ...

What You Need to Know about Open Banking

What You Need to Know about Open Banking One of the more common newly advertised financial services on the Internet ...

Bridge Mortgage Financing

Bridge Financing And Your Mortgage So you've been plugging away at your finance job in Calgary for five or six ...

Flex Down Mortgage

What is a flex mortgage loan? Here's how a flex down mortgage works. If you're looking to buy a home ...

Hard Money Commercial Lenders

How to obtain commercial hard money loans for commercial real estate When it comes to finding a commercial hard money ...

Hard Money Residential Loans

Hard money loans are granted on the basis of the collateral asset rather than the credit of the borrower himself ...

Jumbo Mortgage Definition

An Overview of Jumbo Mortgages Jumbo Mortgage Definition: A "jumbo" mortgage is a mortgage in an amount higher than their ...

Variable Rate Mortgage Canada

Understanding the Variable Rate Mortgage in Canada When you are taking out a mortgage for your new home, one of ...

What is Mortgage Interest

What is Mortgage Interest? In the current real estate market, one of the most popular topics is the interest rate ...

What is Mortgage Principal

What is Mortgage Principal? When you start making mortgage payments, you'll notice that it splits into two portions: interest and ...


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