Guide: Land Mortgage Financing Alberta, BC, Manitoba & Ontario

When you want funding to purchase vacant land, as opposed to developed land with property on it, the whole calculus of the lending process changes. It’s a lot easier for a bank to foreclose on a house or a building and sell it and recoup its losses than it is to do the same thing with a plot of land, in most cases, so you need to understand what’s different about this sort of transaction. The laws about purchase and transfer can vary widely from one province to another, or even from one municipality to another, so you need to pay attention to the rules in your area before you consider making this sort of investment.

Land Purchase / Refinance Articles

A lot of our other customers have worked with us for financing land purchases, and we’ve put together a Frequently Asked Questions list down below for you to consult. For information about individual questions, you can talk to us on the phone or live chat or send us an email. We also have a pre-qualification application online if you think you‘d like to go ahead and explore land financing.

Foreign Purchase Ban

Is the Upcoming Foreign Buyer Ban the Right Move? Starting in January 2023, the Canadian government will prohibit foreign nationals from purchasing homes. However, exemptions will be available for temporary and permanent residents, including international students and temporary workers. The ban is part of the Budget Implementation Act, 2022, an act that was designed to ...
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The Basics about Land Mortgage Lenders

One of the best ways to build up your real estate portfolio is to snap up land that has not been improved yet but is in an area that is likely to see incredible growth over the next few years. Even if you don’t put any improvements on the property yourself, the increase in land ...
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How to Buy Land in Alberta

So how do you buy land in Alberta for use such as for a manufactured home or acreage? When some people think about investing in real estate within Alberta, they focus on properties in Edmonton, Calgary and the surrounding metropolitan areas. However, Alberta has just as much of a legacy of wide open spaces, ranching and ...
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Everything You Need To Know About Land Loans

Table of Contents What Is a Land Loan? Types of Land Loans When prospective buyers are on the market for a new house, they can consider the possibility of constructing their own. The notion might appear wonderful until future homeowners discover what it could cost to construct a house. But even though building a home ...
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Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) Loans – The Basics

For farmers and agricultural co-operatives, the CALA Program provides access to guarantee programs that make loans more readily available. These loans can go toward establishing, improving, and developing farms, and agricultural co-operatives can also use the funding for processing, distribution and/or marketing of farming products. The purpose of this program is to support the agricultural ...
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Buying Land in Saskatchewan

Financing and Owning Raw Land in Saskatchewan If you are thinking of purchasing raw land in Saskatchewan for personal or as an investment, you’ll want to read the basic limits that Canadian law puts in place. The Saskatchewan Farm Security Act is the legislation that governs the ways in which who own farmland in the ...
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Buying Land in Ontario

For many Canadians, the dream of home ownership includes the opportunity to build a brand new home from the ground up on their own land, instead of purchasing an existing home and making changes over time. For other investors, the chance to make money buying commercial land in Ontario and other provinces is also an ...
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How to Buy Land in BC

Are you considering buying land in BC? Whether you’ve found a lot in or around Vancouver or Victoria, or if you’re buying up land in a more rural part of the province, if you plan on financing the purchase, there are some things you need to know about a land loan. Buying vacant land in ...
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Rural Development Loan Requirements

How to get a loan for farm land For farmers or members of local agricultural co-operatives, rural development loans are available through the Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) Program. Individual farmers can put these loans to work in establishing or developing farms, and co-operatives can use the funds to distribute, process or market farming products ...
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If you have recently acquired property in Ontario, you likely face a land transfer tax from the province. In most cases, the amount of this tax is based on what you paid for the land, as well as the remaining balance of any debt or mortgage that you took out during the process of purchasing ...
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Buying Land in Manitoba

People who are considering buying land in Manitoba -- and taking out a loan to do it -- need to keep a few things in mind as they move toward the application process. Loans on empty land work a little differently than loans for residential and commercial buildings. The main difference, at least from a ...
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How to Buy Land in Canada

How To Buy Land In Canada When you buy land in Canada, the process is similar to buying any other type of real estate that has buildings on it already. There is a stack of paperwork for you to complete to ensure that all of the municipal, provincial and federal regulations are followed through the ...
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