Amansad Financial Communication Guide

Our Brokerage tech driven to better serve more customers across the country. We want to ensure you know how to best reach us, and provide documentation when requested.

Below is a summary of our communication guide:

  • Primary Communication is Email, Secure Email and Business Textline for compliance and record keeping purposes. Scheduled phone calls are permitted.
  • New Clients/Customers – For increased efficiency, phone calls are encouraged after an online assessment has been completed, and a quote has been accepted. No Credit Check or detailed information is obtained at this stage. Phone Calls/Meetings are by Schedule only.
  • Existing Clients/Customer – Email is recommended and encouraged for the quickest and most thorough response.

Document Collection:

  • Secure Upload Link is provided during the application process

If you have any questions, or concerns please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank You


✔ No Initial Credit Check Inquiry (Only 30 seconds to complete)
✔ Same Day Response
✔ Fast, Efficient, & Friendly Service
✔ Private Mortgages are based primarily on Equity and the Property

✔ Bad Credit Mortgages are based primarily on Equity and the Property

✔ Traditional & Semi-Traditional Options also available
✔ Equity Based Secured Asset Loans

(The world moves FAST, RESPECTING your time is important.)

Amansad Direct Lending Group

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