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Amansad Financial Communication Guide

Amansad Financial is driven by technology to better serve more customers across the country. We want to ensure you know how to best reach us, and provide documentation when requested.
Below is a summary of our communication guide:

  1. Primary Communication is Phone, Email, and Business Textline 
  2. Anytime an important email is sent, you will receive a Textline notification to check your email
  3. If you need to discuss your file you can:
    • Call 1-877-756-1119 and leave a message with the Call Center
    • Text to (877) 751-2831
  4. We do work during the weekends, but we make no outgoing calls on evenings and weekends
  5. Document Collection:
    • We only accept documents by secure upload using our software program: FileInvite.
    • We don’t open any email attachments for the security of our customers so information cannot be hijacked by internet hackers, but also for our company security (i.e bugs, viruses, etc.)
  6. We don’t provide Face to Face meetings. During the process, you will meet with the applicable industry professionals required to complete your mortgage.
    • Appraiser
    • Your Lawyer at Final Signing
If you have any questions, or concerns please do not hesitate to ask.
Thank You

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