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BC Mortgage Articles

Foreign Home Buyer Tax Angers Realtors

The government in British Columbia has instituted a 15 percent tax on purchases of real estate by non-Canadian buyers – and the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver is not amused. As board president Dan Morrison put it, “Government has had a long time to take action on the affordability …
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Luxury Real Estate in Vancouver BC

Make no mistake about it — the Vancouver real estate market is hot and getting hotter. In February 2015, both prices and total sales continued to increase. The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver reported that the benchmark price on a home was $649,700. This represents a 6.4 percent increase …
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BC Financing Home Mortgage

Many people purchase homes in BC every year, and one thing that almost all of them have in common is that they have to take out a loan to pay for most of the purchase price. This involves convincing the lending department at a bank that the buyer is going …
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Real Estate in Victoria BC

Victoria BC Real Estate Checking out the real estate market in BC? If you have been looking for a home in Victoria, or elsewhere in BC over the last year, you may have noticed that the real estate is fairly expensive. Just like properties in Seattle and California south of the …
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Private Lenders Vancouver BC

Private Mortgage Lenders In Vancouver British Columbia If you are considering moving to Vancouver, the GVA (Greater Vancouver Area) or looking to take out some equity on already owned real estate in the city, you might consider private mortgage lenders in Vancouver BC instead of going through the conventional mortgage …
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FAQ about Bankruptcy in British Columbia

If you are considering filing bankruptcy in British Columbia, then take a look at some questions that a lot of our clients have asked us. Take a look at these answers to get a general view of the bankruptcy laws in the province. What is bankruptcy? Anyone who finds themselves …
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Victoria Mortgage Loans

Looking for a Mortgage Loan in Victoria, BC If you are like most people purchasing a house in Victoria, you can’t cover the entire cost of the house yourself. Instead, you have likely saved up some of the purchase price to put down, or you have inherited some money or …
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Commercial Mortgage BC

Getting a commercial mortgage for your business requires different steps than taking out a residential loan. One reason is that the buyer isn’t an individual but instead is a partnership or a company. This means that banks have to run credit applications somewhat differently. Lenders tend to look at these …
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Second Mortgage BC

There was a time when people viewed a second mortgage as a form of emergency financing. The old paradigm was to treat the equity in a home as sacred so that the house could be passed down as a family asset, from one generation to the next. Pre-qualify for a …
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Mortgage Rates BC

It’s an exciting time to be buying a house in BC right now. Interest rates are at historically low levels, and while prices are beginning to inch their way upward, particularly in some parts of the province, this is still a great time to be in the market for a …
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How to Buy Land in BC

Are you considering buying land in BC? Whether you’ve found a lot in or around Vancouver or Victoria, or if you’re buying up land in a more rural part of the province, if you plan on financing the purchase, there are some things you need to know about a land …
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Mortgage Refinancing Vancouver

Guide to Mortgage Refinancing Options in Vancouver If you have been paying your mortgage for a while and still are a few years away from your renewal, mortgage refinancing in Vancouver can make a lot of sense. However, you need to be in a particular set of circumstances to make …
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Construction Mortgage BC

Having a new home built makes for an exciting time in a family’s life. Instead of having to buy a house that already has a set floor plan, color scheme, flooring and other traits, you get to make all of those choices before the house even goes up. A lot …
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BC Mortgage Loans

For most people, the debt that they take on when they sign a mortgage is the largest amount they will owe anyone. It is a loan that often takes between 15 and 30 years to pay off in most cases, and securing approval and underwriting for this financing is often …
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Mortgage Calculator BC

Taking on a mortgage is one of the most significant financial decisions that you will make. It is unlikely that you will make a larger purchase than your home, and once you sign the papers and begin making your payments, you certainly will not want to risk going into foreclosure …
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Home Equity Loan BC

Home Equity Loans in BC – Get Approved to Use Home Equity‎ One of the greatest things about living in the Vancouver, BC, area is the recent increase in home values. For people living in the right part of the area (including Victoria and the surrounding region) these increases mean …
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Understanding the BC New Built Home Exemption

The provincial government in British Columbia is trying to encourage more people to buy newly built homes by instituting a partial or total exemption from property transfer taxes for purchases of new homes. Construction starts have sputtered somewhat in BC (and elsewhere in western Canada), and the hope is that …
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Facing Foreclosure in BC? Find out what your options are.

Buying a house represents a major investment decision. Whether you have some investment capital and want to turn it into a real estate profit or are interested in buying your family’s new home, you don’t have any plans to go into foreclosure when you go to closing on your new …
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Regulations to Know for Owner Builders in BC

In BC, an “owner builder” is an individual who has received authorization from BC Housing to build a new residence for their own use. Owner builders do not have to have a license to build their homes or to set up third-party home warranty coverage for their home. Individuals who …
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