Reverse Mortgage Articles

Reverse Mortgage FAQ, Myths, Pros Cons

Reverse Mortgages FAQ: Reverse Mortgages Pros & Cons Reverse Mortgages Myths: Pre-Qualify for Reverse Mortgage: Reverse Mortgages FAQ: Here are some common questions that people ask about reverse mortgages. What is the minimum credit score to qualify for a reverse mortgage? Banks don't give your credit score as much scrutiny when they evaluate your application ...
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Reverse Mortgages for Senior Citizens

For more and more Canadians, the journey toward retirement is becoming increasingly precarious because they simply don't have that much socked away for their expenses. The non-profit Investor Education Fund recently conducted a poll of 1,500 Canadians aged 50 and above, and the results were shocking: only 20 percent of households indicated that they would ...
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Seniors Can Now Unlock More Equity

Seniors Can Now Unlock More Equity Then Ever Before Many senior citizens who have spent years paying mortgage payments on their homes and either own them free and clear or have come close to paying their loans off can now take even more equity out of those homes if they need to. HomEquity Bank boosted ...
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Reverse Mortgage in Canada

How a Reverse Mortgage in Canada Works A reverse mortgage in Canada is another way to get the money out of your home -- and you get to stay in the house that you bought with hard work over the years. If you have paid off your mortgage and have moved into retirement, you likely ...
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