Saskatchewan Mortgage Articles

Bankruptcy in Saskatchewan

The Basics of Bankruptcy in Saskatchewan People who find themselves under an avalanche of debt often think of bankruptcy as the first option. For many debtors, it is the right choice, but it is important to understand how the process works, because it brings significant consequences to your financial profile ...
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Saskatchewan Private Lending

If you’re brand new to the mortgage lending process, the term “private lending” might be new to you. Most first-time home buyers think that the only place you can get a mortgage is a bank, or maybe a mortgage broker. However, the industry serving borrowers is much bigger and has ...
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The Foreclosure Process in Saskatchewan

In Saskatchewan, the process that lenders use to initiate and execute foreclosure has one of the shorter time frames within Canada. Laws vary by province, but if you live in Saskatchewan, once the bank delivers notice, things can move quickly. This is why it is such a good idea to ...
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Second Mortgage Saskatchewan

Taking out a Second Mortgage in Saskatchewan If you think about it, if you’ve been paying on your mortgage for a number of years, you’ve been basically turning your house into a giant savings account. As long as you have plenty of money coming in from other sources, you don’t ...
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Buying Land in Saskatchewan

If you want to take out a loan for buying land in Saskatchewan, there are a few things you need to know about borrowing for property that does not have buildings or other improvements on it. How much down payment to buy land in Saskatchewan First of all, you’re probably ...
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