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Alberta Mortgage Articles

Buying a Foreclosure in Red Deer

Red Deer Foreclosures – What are your options? The city of Red Deer is right in the middle of Alberta, close to the midpoint of the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor. After Edmonton and Calgary, it has the third most people. As of the 2013 city census, the population of the city proper …
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How to Buy Land in Alberta

So how do you buy land in Alberta for use such as for a manufactured home or acreage? When some people think about investing in real estate within Alberta, they focus on properties in Edmonton, Calgary and the surrounding metropolitan areas. However, Alberta has just as much of a legacy of …
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How To Purchase Lethbridge Foreclosures

If you are looking for a property in foreclosure, either as a potential investment or a value on your primary dwelling, the Lethbridge foreclosure listings have quite a few attractive homes. If you are new to real estate investments, there are some factors in the process that you want to …
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Bankruptcy in Alberta

If you’re considering bankruptcy as an option to your debt situation, and your primary residence is in Alberta, there are some things for you to consider first. Here are answers to some questions that many of our clients ask us regarding Bankruptcy in Alberta: Will a declaration of bankruptcy lead to …
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Construction Mortgage Alberta

One of the most exciting decisions that people make when moving is having a home built. There are many intricate steps involved with taking your home from blueprints to the final product. That’s what makes finding construction mortgages in Alberta that are stress-free so important: you have enough stress with …
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Private Mortgage Lenders Alberta

Private Mortgage Lenders Alberta – Private And Bad Credit Mortgage Loans What is a Mortgage? By definition; “A loan that you take out in order to buy property. The collateral is the property itself.” However, the word mortgage alone, in everyday usage, is most often used to mean mortgage loan.  …
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How to Buy a Foreclosure in Edmonton

Knowing these truths about the foreclosure process is important. However, it’s also important to know that you can sometimes get the house much more cheaply through a foreclosure sale than you would otherwise, even if the house is still in great shape. If you’re curious about purchasing foreclosures in Edmonton, …
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Owner Financing Calgary

If you are looking to buy a home in the Calgary area but are having a difficult time qualifying for a bank loan, you can still purchase a home through a number of lending solutions. One of these in Calgary is Owner Financing, in which the person selling the home to …
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Reverse Mortgage Alberta

Amansad Financial helps connect clients with lenders who provide reverse mortgages in Canada. We serve Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, and all major cities and towns within Alberta. Rural areas also considered. Many of the clients that we serve throughout Alberta have entered their retirement years with a house that they own …
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How to Buy a Foreclosure in Calgary

As with any city, there are currently plenty of Calgary foreclosures. If you are looking for a dwelling in this situation, either as an investment opportunity or a primary residence, Amansad Financial can connect you with realtors who can give you access to the most updated Calgary Foreclosures. Before you …
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Second Mortgage Edmonton

At Amansad Financial, we have many clients in the Edmonton area who have come to us for help with finding a second mortgage. It’s not always easy to find a good deal on this kind of financing because the costs are higher than they are with a first mortgage. Then there’s …
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Mortgage Payment Calculators in Alberta

So, you’re thinking about buying a house. You’ve been renting an apartment since you graduated college, and you’ve been socking some money away for a down payment. You’re still single, but you’re ready to stop throwing rent down the drain and want to start building equity in a house instead …
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Second Mortgage Calgary

If you need to take out a second mortgage in Calgary, you have more options than you might think. The most blue-chip clients go into the bank and take out a home equity line of credit, but it generally takes a credit score of at least 650 and the loan …
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Second Mortgage Alberta

Taking out a Second Mortgage or Home Equity Loan in Alberta People take out second mortgages or home equity loans on their property for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they want to take out equity to send their kids off to college. Others want to buy a vacation home. Still …
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Owner Financing Edmonton

Owner Financing in Edmonton, Alberta Owner Financing Your Home Are you tired of renting in the Edmonton area? It is true that renting does offer a lot of advantages to the tenant, so you will want to think carefully. You don’t have to worry about paying for major repairs to …
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Best Mortgage Rates Alberta

Why pay more interest than you have to? If you’re looking to go through a conventional lender to buy a property in Alberta (and in Canada as a whole), you’re going to need to jump through three hoops: income verification, credit score and a down payment. Income verification shouldn’t be …
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Private Mortgage Lenders Edmonton

Looking for a Private Home Mortgage Lender in Edmonton?  Amansad Financial has relationships with private lenders in Alberta and all over western Canada who are looking to invest money in the real estate market by funding private mortgages.  Finding a Private Mortgage Lender in Edmonton  One of the biggest hurdles …
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Commercial or Industrial Mortgage Lenders in Alberta

Taking out a mortgage on commercial real estate, rather than residential, involves a different sort of process. In most cases, the buyer is some sort of business, such as a partnership, limited company or corporation, rather than an individual. This makes the evaluation of credit a little more complex than …
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Private Mortgage Lenders Calgary

Are you looking for Private Mortgage Lenders in Calgary? Amansad Financial has strong relationships with private mortgage lenders in Alberta and all over Canada who are looking to invest money in the real estate market by funding private mortgages. There is no time like now if you are thinking about …
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How to Stop Foreclosure in Alberta – Financing Options and Alternatives

Wondering How to Stop Foreclosure in Alberta? No matter whether you are a borrower or lender, it is important to be familiar with the Alberta foreclosure process, which is the legal process through which a lender goes in order to recover the principal and arrears when a mortgage goes into …
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Foreclosure Grande Prairie

No one enters into a mortgage agreement planning for it to fail. However, thanks to job loss, illness and other financial emergencies, some people who are in mortgages find themselves unable to make payments. If you are a homeowner in Grande Prairie and find yourself in such a situation, the …
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How to Get a Mortgage in Alberta

Buying a house is one of the most exciting steps that many people and families take during their lifetimes. Leaving apartment living behind and building a financial legacy through home equity is one of the milestones that our culture associates with adulthood. One of the most stressful parts of the …
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