In the aftermath of the global financial downturn that roiled most markets starting in the US in 2007 and continuing worldwide into 2008, banks and other lenders tightened their regulations significantly with regard to access to mortgages and other forms of credit. We founded Amansad Financial to help consumers who would almost certainly have qualified for traditional loans under the pre-2008 system in Canada but now cannot – either because of issues with credit or income history. Since our incorporation in Alberta on September 2, 2010, we have helped many people get access to the funds that they need to become homeowners, refinance an existing property, avoid foreclosure, provide bridge financing using multiple properties, or simply take out second mortgages to meet an instant need. Provided there is adequate equity and security, many options are available. Here are some answers to common questions that people ask about our company.

How many employees does Amansad Financial have?

Amansad Financial has two directors, each of whom owns 50% of the company. We have a contract with an effective, proactive marketing and IT team to create and implement marketing campaigns and ensure that our website remains up-to-date and responsive to customer needs. We also have a call centre with a team that we have contracted with to help with answering all of our calls and providing front-line customer service.

Is Amansad Financial a direct private lender or a mortgage broker?

Amansad Financial has a singular form of organization. We broker and underwrite mortgage applications for our Direct Lender Group Network (DLGN) that consists of individuals with high net worth across Canada. We are also authorized to prepare and issue documents of approval to applicants. So, we provide the initial administrative functions of a private lender prior to funding, but the Investor Partners in our DLGN fund the mortgages and self-administer the mortgages. Throughout the term of the mortgage, we are the primary point of contact for our Investor Partners, which includes everything from relaying information from our investor partners by notifying borrowers about late payments, NSF payments, renewal reminders, notices of non-renewal, and so forth. When the funding comes from outside of our network, we simply act as the broker.

Can I use Amansad Financial to find a traditional/conventional mortgage?

We do help clients with a wide variety of lenders. However, our primary focus is on the private mortgage market. We provide service five different provinces who are either looking for or issuing private mortgages, so when we do receive a request for help with a traditional mortgage, we refer those clients to broker-partners who excel in this area so that our customers obtain the best terms.

Where does Amansad Financial operate?

Currently, we are licensed in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. We have referral contacts for mortgages in other provinces with whom we collaborate in special circumstances. We also provide assistance for clients needing unsecured business capital throughout all of Canada as well as the United States, but those endeavors occur under the trade name Best Bridge Capital. We also provide financial services on a contract basis to RV dealerships who require business office support.

Where is Amansad Financial’s main office?

Our main office address is 2nd Floor, 5303 91st Edmonton AB T6E 6E2. However, we can perform most all of our functions from any place that has access to the Internet.

Is an appointment necessary to secure your help?

We provide all of our services over the telephone or email, including the electronic signing of documents, so there is no need for a face-to-face appointment. You will meet the appraiser and the attorney to go over final paperwork, but other than that, no meetings are required. We work diligently to keep our clients engaged and informed throughout the whole process, allowing us to maintain a personal level of service without in-person meetings. We have developed a reputation for superior customer service since our opening.

Are there set business hours for telephone consultation?

We do not have a fixed set of office hours. We generally work between 10am and 6pm MST Monday through Saturday, but our Call Centre is always open to field calls except on Sundays. Email or Textline communication is also available 7 days a week. We also complete some of our functions outside that 10-6 window to provide the best customer service.

What advantages does Amansad Financial have over the competition?

Quite simply, we offer the best in customer service, and we also have a streamlined approval process to make securing a mortgage as hassle-free as possible. Within our system, our process takes these steps:

  • Application goes out to applicant
  • Application returns and goes through review
  • Appraisal is finished and the commitment is issued
  • Commitment returns and goes out to DLGN
  • Commitment is signed and returned by the DLGN and then sent to the lender’s lawyer

In other companies, the process often has twice as many steps:

  • Application goes out to applicant
  • Application returns and goes through review
  • Applicant goes to one private lender for underwriting
  • Underwriter sends to lending committee for review
  • Commitment goes back to the brokerage firm if approved. If not, applicant goes to next lender
  • Commitment goes out from brokerage firm to applicant(s)
  • Applicant(s) return commitment
  • Commitment goes back to the private lender
  • Lending committee finishes final review
  • File goes to lender’s lawyer for closing
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