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Arm’s-Length Mortgages

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Arm’s-Length Mortgages & Finding Your Approval

When it comes obtaining a mortgage, the down payment is paramount. Most banks and traditional lenders require a down payment of at least 5%. A down payment of 20% is generally required to avoid Mortgage Loan Insurance. In some cases, having 20% or more still is not enough for the banks. In such cases, an Arm’s-Length Mortgage is required. Other more creative options may only require 10% down payment, and perhaps less with adequate collateral security.

Below are 3 ways to Find Your Approval

Option 1 – Arm’s Length Mortgage. This is when a unrelated person provides a mortgage to facilitate the transaction. The person doing the funding can use Registered Funds (RRSPs, LIRA, etc.), Personal Savings, Corporate Monies to fund the mortgage. The two parties frequently never even meet.  A broker facilitates the entire process.

Option 3 – Inter-Alia (blanket mortgage). Must already own real estate with significant equity. Additional property is used as security to offset risk and/or lack of down payment. This is a special kind of Arm’s Length Mortgage.

Option 4  – Non-Arm’s Length Personal Loan. This is when a person related to you by blood or marriage is providing you the funds to cover the down payment shortfall. It is highly recommended that you seek Independent Legal Advice and consult with your an accountant before agreeing to this.

Requirements when funding a mortgage using your RRSP, RIF, TFSA, LIRA, or LIF.

  • First, the RRSP(s) in question must have enough available cash to fund the entire mortgage and all closing costs.
  • Property must be a residential property (owner occupied, vacation home, or rentals), commercial property, and raw land
  • Property must be located in Canada (excluding Quebec)
  • Leased land and property is ineligible
  • The loan-to-value ratio can’t be higher than 90 percent
  • The term and rate of the mortgage must fall within 1 percent of a 1-5 year fixed rate that is taken from what Canadian Chartered banks offer.
  • The APR cannot exceed 30%.

If you have had trouble with your bank, get in touch with us. We may have an alternative private mortgage solution that your bank is unable to provide.

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