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What Is An Equity Take Out Mortgage?

An equity take-out mortgage is a mortgage loan used to “reduce” the amount of equity in a home for other reasons. It may be used for property repairs or renovations, as a down payment for a vacation home, as an investment in another location, or for various other uses. Since it is related to the property’s equity, the owner must have equity after deducting its fair market value and any other mortgages. If you want to get money out of your home’s equity, you can get a fixed rate and a fixed amount of money, or you can get a variable rate and a line of credit, where you can get cash.


Mr. Carter owns a $300,000 property with a primary mortgage of $100,000. Mr. Carter desires to acquire a vacation house for which a down payment of $30,000 is required. Mr. Carter may acquire a $30,000 equity take-out mortgage backed by his house to fund the down payment. The equity take-out mortgage may be approved because he owns the principal residence outright and has $200,000 equity.

Advantages of Equity Take Out Mortgages

Suppose the homeowner requires funds for any purpose. Often, a borrower’s largest portion of net worth is in their home. They have often accumulated much equity if they have owned it for several years and appreciated the property. An equity take-out mortgage will usually make better financial sense than other means of borrowing, as loans secured by property are usually offered at better interest rates than those secured by other means or unsecured entirely.

If the borrower obtains an equity take-out of a mortgage in the form of a Home Equity Line of Credit, the borrower is not required to use the entire line of credit at once. For instance, if the borrower receives a $30,000 line of credit, the borrower may take only $10,000 at one time and may obtain additional draws against the line of credit as needed. The borrower only repays, and interest is only charged against the amount taken by the borrower, not the entire line of credit.

​Equity Take-Out Types And Uses

An equity take-out mortgage enables you to access the equity in your house for many reasons. Several packages and kinds are available to meet your financial requirements and objectives. Take a moment to explore the many types, rationale, and applications of an equity take-out mortgage.

You Need Money For A Big Change In Your Life 

Whether it’s a new child, a business investment, a home renovation, or debt consolidation, an equity take-out mortgage can help you get through a hard time. We have helped many Canadians get the right mortgage for their money in the past.

You Need A Property Down Payment

Whether you’re purchasing a new house, an investment property, or a holiday hideaway, you may borrow against your existing home equity to cover the down payment. Depending on the cost of your new property and the amount of accessible equity in your present home, you may be able to make a down payment that dramatically reduces the amount of money you’ll need to borrow for your second home, rental property, or lake-side cottage mortgage.

Refinancing For Unexpected Or Planned Costs

Many Canadians have tapped into their home equity when confronted with a hefty bill that their finances cannot meet. You may need to finance the price of your child’s university education or want funds for a home improvement project.

Use An Equity Take-Out Mortgage To Renovate Your Home

A home equity take-out mortgage can be used to finance home improvements.

A lender would gladly finance your desire to upgrade your property. A house serves as collateral for your loan, and the fact that you intend to add value to it provides further security in the event of a default.

A large project, such as adding another story to your house, is a hazardous decision for a lender since it may reduce the value of the property that the lender uses as collateral for your loan if the project is left incomplete or encounters issues.

Use An Equity Take-Out Mortgage To Consolidate Your Debt

Multiple debts may be difficult to manage; an equity take-out mortgage can help you combine your obligations and simplify your life. Consolidating your debts and loans into your mortgage might be a financially prudent and advantageous move.

Consolidating debt is the process of repaying creditors using mortgage proceeds. Consolidation occurs when one debt is paid off with another. Consolidation can reduce a gross debt balance to a single obligation and result in a single reduced interest rate.

An equity take-out enables you to deliberately target high-interest debt by combining payments and replacing them with a replacement mortgage that consolidates obligations under a single repayment schedule and interest rate.

Suppose you have significant equity in your home and contemplate borrowing against it. In that case, we can help you determine the most suitable equity take-out mortgage to fulfill your financial objectives.


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