What is required to make a Home Purchase?

Checklist on Buying a House


  • 1 piece on non-expired Government Issued ID (One must be photo – Driver’s or Passport) – may require a second piece of ID at a later date depending on lender
  • Corporate Documents, GST Licence (if self employed)

Income Verification

  • Job Letter – confirming position held, start date, rate of pay (hourly or salary – if hourly indicate hours worked per week)
  • Current pay-stub
  • Financials a/o Notice of Assessments (if self employed)

Note: Private Mortgages – sometimes income not required

Situational Requirements

  • Separation Agreement (if applicable)
  • Certificate of Full Performance – Consumer Proposal
  • Certificate of Discharge – Bankruptcy
  • Orderly Payment of Debt (ODP) – Agreement

Down Payment

  • Rent-to-Own Agreement
  • 3 months of your bank statements or Investment Statement
  • Completed Gift Letter and Photocopy of gift cheque and deposit slip for gifted funds to your account
  • Copy of Real Estate Contract of property being sold (if down payment coming from sale of property)
  • Copy of Most Recent Mortgage Statement for property being sold (if down payment coming from sale of property)

Property Requirements (as it applies)

  • Full appraisal
  • Recent Property Tax Assessment from assessment authority
  • Purchase Agreement
  • MLS listing sheet
  • Copy of 6-month Strata Council Minutes (if applicable) – if purchasing a condo unit
  • Annual General Minutes – (if applicable)

Properties Requirements for additionally owned properties (as it applies)

  • Property Tax Assessment
  • Property Tax Notice
  • Recent Mortgage Statement
  • Rental Agreement (if applicable)


  • Name & Address of lawyer handling mortgage and conveyancing – will be required at later date
  • Copy of “Void” cheque where mortgage payments will be withdrawn (if applicable) – will be required at a later date