The chance to invest in real estate provides a level of reward that is higher than that of government debt or secured bank investments without the level of risk that is associated with the stock market, mutual funds and commodities. Whether you are looking to own properties as a landlord or make money as an investor in the private mortgage market, there are many opportunities in Edmonton that can bring you excellent returns.

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Investment Property Opportunities in Edmonton
Edmonton is the capital of Alberta, one of the more business friendly provinces in Canada. The structure of regulation and taxes that affects business is designed to let the free market forces determine outcomes, which maximize the possibility of profits. While some major cities have their economic livelihood staked on one or two industries, Edmonton has a more diversified economic base from which to draw revenues. One of the most important economic sectors in Edmonton is the oil and gas industry; other than Saudi Arabia, no other country has more proven oil reserves. The majority of Canada’s oil reserves are in Alberta, and 97 percent of those lie within Greater Edmonton. The gross domestic product of Edmonton sits at $42.5 billion annually, showing a growth of 47 percent over the past ten years. The fact that Edmonton has no sales tax makes real estate transactions much more reasonable, and while there is no end in sight to the need for finding new reserves for oil and gas, in the event that these start to dwindle in availability, Edmonton is also a leader in several other industries. With regard to manufacturing, Edmonton has numerous companies that focus on agribusiness processing, forestry, nanotechnology, life sciences and petrochemical processing. Engineering and architecture are also important businesses in Edmonton, and construction is booming past 2008 levels. Finally, the more than 1,500 scientists, doctors, technicians, researchers and associated staff at Edmonton Research Park are just part of the reason why the city has had Canada’s top health system for five years running. There are ten colleges and universities in the city, with a total of more than 150,000 students receiving an education.

Edmonton Investment Property

If you are interested in investing in Edmonton real estate, there are many properties available, and Amansad Financial Services can connect you with potential buyers, in the event that you want to invest as a private mortgage lender. Whether you are looking as a mortgage investor or a potential landlord, here are some properties that are listed now or have sold in Edmonton recently. Use these as a benchmark, in addition to your conversations with Amansad Financial Services, as you make your real estate investment decisions.

12919 66th Street NW is a four bedroom semi bungalow in the Belvedere neighborhood. Listed after renovations at $375,000, with a new fence, furnace, hot water heater, shingles, doors, flooring and paint. The electrical system has received an upgrade to 100 amp services. The kitchen features stainless steel appliances, and a stone fireplace makes the living room cozy. The lower level has a suite of its own, with a bedroom, bathroom, family and den. A renter could use this for his older kids, or you could use it to rent out while living in the rest of it. Built in 1956, this bungalow features the sort of upgrades that families are looking for.

11322 128th Street is a cozy bungalow that listed at $366,500. Built in 1958, the bungalow has five bedrooms and two bathrooms in 1,035 square feet. The basement is full and fully finished, and flooring combines linoleum, laminate flooring and carpet. On the exterior, the bungalow has a vinyl finish around a wood frame. Nearby is access to public transportation as well as a public swimming pool. The heating system involves forced air and natural gas.

1468 Lakewood Road West is a two story townhouse in the Tipaskan neighborhood that listed at $155,000 and sold at $150,000 after 49 days on the market. Built in 1978, the unit has 947 square feet, with three bedrooms and one full bathroom. Estimated rent on this condominium is $1,300 per month, on the basis of other units in the area.

Contact one of our investment professionals at Amansad Financial Services to find the best way to fit real estate investments in Edmonton into your portfolio. Increase your rate of return significantly while taking on only a minimal addition of risk to your investments. We match buyers with lenders on a one-to-one basis and help you by providing the due diligence on the borrower and the property.

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