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A Message of Hope

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A Message of Hope…

This may not be the most typical article write up, but it must be written. Some reading this may or may not agree with the thoughts presented, but it is a perspective that I feel may resonate with many. Canada is in pain, and it is real. Today as I sat in the Church service, I listened closely to the pastor speak eloquently about overcoming pain. He colourfully described the story of Joseph and the hardships he encountered as a favorite son to Jacob. The resentment that his brothers had towards him was acted out by being sold to a Caravan, as a method to rid him from the picture. The brothers informed their father that Joseph had been killed as a cover-up. Joseph rose from that experience to be next in power to the Pharaoh; to only be imprisoned on the lying word of Pharaoh’s wife. She had made sexual advances towards him that he rebuked. This did not sit well with her and it was explained that it was Joseph that made the advances. During his time in jail, he rose up helping some of his cell mates out of prison through his ability to interpret dreams. This gift from God was his pathway out when his ability was required by the new Pharaoh on the suggestion of Joseph’s past cellmate. Joseph rose once again to be second in charge of all the land during a time of a long famine. His duties included being in charge of the distribution of food during a major famine.  Many people of the land travelled long distances for food, including the brothers that sold him as a teenager. Joseph eventually reconnected with his brothers, and his elderly father Jacob. Joseph had forgiveness in his heart and accepted it as God’s Plan.

This story is not only a story of resilience through tough times, but also a story of unwavering faith in God and the ability to come out stronger through tough times. A pearl only becomes a pearl after years of irritation, making it smooth and beautiful. Diamonds are only formed after high temperatures and pressures at depths in the Earth’s mantle. In most cases, some of the best and most beautiful things are formed after times of extreme stress and irritation.

Many Canadians are definitely going through hard times, no denying that. Alberta as we know, is feeling a large brunt of this pain. Many families are feeling the stress of making ends meet to add to other hardships; such as illness, divorce, depression, death and more. There is not a single answer or solution for this. I hope that ultimately, that each individual and family can find hope in a place that speaks to them. I know where I find mine. I feel it by the compassion and love in the place I call home on Sundays. I send much love and prayers for Albertans and Canadians during these times. May Canada rise up and be even greater once the storm passes.

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