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Ontario Mortgage Articles

Taking out a Home Equity Loan in Ontario

Do you own a home in Ontario and could use some financial relief? Most people never think about the possibility of taking out a home equity loan when times deliver a surprise. They pay on their mortgages, month after month, making that payment their top financial priority (as they should) …
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Renovations on the rise in Ontario

The economy in Ontario is getting a growing boost from spending on home renovations. According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s latest report, the spending is coming both from aging households as well as spending on properties at the high end of the value spectrum. CMHC regional economist Ted …
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Getting a Second Mortgage in Ontario

Mortgage Refinancing in Ontario, Canada If you have a mortgage on a property in southern Ontario, Canada, and you have been paying on it for more than three or four years (or fewer, if you’ve been making accelerated payments), then refinancing that mortgage may be an attractive option. When refinancing …
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Implications for Declaring Bankruptcy in Ontario

If you find yourself overwhelmed with debts and are considering filing a bankruptcy in Ontario, there are some things that you need to know first. Here are some of the most common questions that people ask us about this process. What are the pros and cons of filing for bankruptcy …
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Mortgage Renewal Process in Ontario

An Overview of the Mortgage Renewal Process in Ontario When you purchase a house in Ontario (or elsewhere in Canada) using a mortgage, in almost all cases the amortization of the note will take longer than the term of the loan that you have taken out. In Canada, you can’t …
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Private Mortgage Lenders Ontario

If you plan on moving into Ontario or purchasing an investment property in the province, you may be looking for private mortgage lenders as an alternative to conventional mortgage financing. If you are looking to be an owner-occupier but lack the sort of credit score that you need to qualify …
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Property Division in Ontario

Dividing Property upon Separation and Divorce or the Decease of a Spouse According to the Canadian constitution, each province may establish rules for dividing properties for couples who are married or who have common-law status when the relationship ends or one of the partners dies. This article is specific to …
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Private Mortgage Lenders Toronto

For many real estate investors or owner-occupiers, private mortgage lenders in Toronto are a growing trend. If you are looking to invest in Toronto real estate, there are a number of opportunities available to you, as the market is diverse in nature. The increasingly strict lending requirements that conventional banks …
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Mortgage Loans Ontario

Finding Mortgage Loans in Ontario If you live in Toronto or Ottawa, and you’re ready to leave your apartment behind and purchase a house, you’re probably one of many people shopping for mortgage loans in Ontario. Amansad Financial has served clients all over the province, from Kitchener, Vaughan and Brampton, …
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Reverse mortgages in Ontario

One of the sad facts about the current economy in Ontario is that too many seniors are worried about the state of their retirement funds. Either they had a layoff earlier than they thought, so they weren’t able to salt away as much money for their golden years, or the …
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If you have recently acquired property in Ontario, you likely face a land transfer tax from the province. In most cases, the amount of this tax is based on what you paid for the land, as well as the remaining balance of any debt or mortgage that you took out …
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Power of Sale in Ontario

If a borrower falls behind on his mortgage payments and goes into default, the lender has the legal right to go after its interest in the property. This is why Ontario instituted the Ontario Mortgage Act to provide both borrowers and lenders with an established set of privileges available to …
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