If your home is at least a decade old, it is very likely that at least one of the rooms could use an update. Perhaps the living room requires a fresh color or the basement paneling takes you back to a time in your life that you would rather forget. It could be that the HVAC system is starting to wheeze, and you also realize that changing some of the ways you bring light into the home could improve your energy efficiency. During the past year, the increase in costs for building materials and the supply chain struggles have contributed to both pricier and slower renovations. Is this the right time to do a home renovation?


Home renovation can actually save you money. This is true when you look over the long haul. If you’re painting every couple of years and your carpet is worn in high traffic areas, it’s time to upgrade. The upfront costs will be higher because you are using more durable paint and flooring, but your replacement time frame will extend considerably, saving you money down the line. Also, if you switch to high efficiency appliances, improve the insulation, and upgrade your windows; they can translate to a significant drop in utility costs.


Your stress levels will drop in a home you enjoy. It isn’t relaxing to sit in the living room and look at the crack over the television or the mismatched paint over the mantel. These issues, while knowing that your significant other hates the shag carpet on the floor, can unknowingly add to your stress. If you’re cooking every night in a dysfunctional kitchen with minimal storage, you won’t enjoy evenings. Home renovations are designed to make your dwelling feel comforting – which is well worth the money. 

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