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What Is a Blanket Mortgage?

A blanket mortgage is a single loan secured by two or more pieces of real estate. The mortgage secures the real estate as security; however, individual parcels of real estate may be sold without paying off the full mortgage.

Instead of taking out many mortgages, blanket mortgages make it simpler to finance various homes.

The Takeaways

  • A blanket mortgage is a single loan secured by two or more real estate properties.
  • While the real estate is used as security, the individual properties may be sold without resolving the mortgage on its whole.
  • Developers, real estate speculators, and flippers often employ blanket mortgages.
  • A blanket mortgage’s principal advantage is that it enables the borrower to have more cash on hand—for instance, a property owner may save the expenditures involved with applying for and closing on numerous mortgages.

How Does A Blanket Mortgage Work?

A blanket mortgage is a single mortgage that covers many properties, with the collection of assets acting as security for the loan. Real estate developers and bigger investors often acquire more than one property at a time; thus, a blanket mortgage enables them to consolidate such deals into a single loan.

Who Are Blanket Mortgages For?

A blanket mortgage is an excellent option for financing the acquisition of many properties, particularly for developers, real estate investors, and flippers.Who Are Blanket Mortgages For Blanket mortgages, also known as blanket loans, are often used to pay the expenses of acquiring and developing property that borrowers intend to split into individual lots. Borrowers often buy homes as part of a larger transaction that they plan to sell in pieces.

This is an example. People who flip homes may want to get blanket mortgages so they can move quickly and take advantage of market opportunities. If the investor wants to buy, refurbish and put back on the market a lot of different properties, a blanket mortgage could give them more leeway to do so.

The terms of such a mortgage may allow for the resale of the homes when new purchasers come forward on their own. When separate properties are sold, it may or may not be required to renew the loan, depending on the conditions of the blanket mortgage.

Businesses that own and run many locations may also seek blanket mortgages. This might apply to real estate developers that engage in commercial or residential real estate, such as apartment complexes or multifamily residences.

The majority of blanket mortgages have a release provision. This provision relieves the borrower of the part of the loan that has already been paid off. So, if the borrower sells a piece of property covered by the loan, they may use the proceeds to buy another piece of property.

This is usual for land developers who construct and sell new dwellings. When the dwellings are sold to the general public, the developers might use the proceeds to buy additional plots of land rather than repay the loan.

What Are The Advantages Of A Blanket Mortgage?

One of the key advantages of obtaining a blanket mortgage is that the borrower has more cash. For example, a property owner may save money on the expenses of applying for and closing on numerous mortgages. Instead of paying different costs for each property, the property owner would have to pay one set of fees for the blanket mortgage.

The aggregate blanket mortgage may also benefit from lower interest rates or just be bargained to provide better conditions than paying individual negotiated loans. This might free up more funds by reducing the number of monthly payments, giving them more resources to buy additional property.


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