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It’s possible to refinance your home loan for a higher amount than your current loan and take advantage of the benefits of equity by acquiring additional funds to finance your home improvement projects.

This is not a conventional method of funding house upgrades, but it fulfills its goal admirably. It can guarantee you the finances you require at low interest rates and with a flexible payback plan. Furthermore, refinanced home loans are inexpensive financial instruments compared to other funding sources, particularly unsecured ones.

Improvements to the Home

Making home improvements usually necessitates large sums of money. Subsequently, the price of funding home remodelling projects can be prohibitively high. Other than some home equity loans and lines of credit, there are no specific sources of financing for home improvements. However, these same sources can be used for other purposes. Because they employ a mortgaged property as security, the interest rate paid is typically higher than that of the mortgage loan.

Whether you need money to mend a roof, add a bedroom, paint, tile, or replace the kitchen, the need for financing is almost unavoidable. As counterintuitive as it may sound, a refinanced house loan may be the cheapest alternative, compared to other financial products on the loan market.

Cash-Out Refinance Mortgages

Cash-out refinance home loans allow you to borrow money against the equity you’ve established in your property. This is possible if the debt on your existing mortgage loan is less than the property’s value which is guaranteeing the loan. The remaining value allows you to gain further funds while still allowing you to obtain extra money.

For example, if you own a house worth $120,000 and your current mortgage amount is $80,000, you have $40,000 in equity. Though you won’t be able to get 100% financing unless your credit is flawless, you can refinance your home loan and get a $100,000 loan, which after retiring your current mortgage will leave you with $20,000 to finance your home repair project.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are, however, pros and cons to refinancing a house loan. You may be able to receive a cheaper interest rate than your current mortgage loan in Manitoba (depending on the loan terms, market conditions, and your credit score and history). If this is true, you will save thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. However, obtaining a reduced interest rate is not always attainable.

Suppose you have to deal with a higher interest rate or extend your loan repayment program for a prolonged period. In that case, you may end up paying significant sums in interest, making your home renovation project prohibitively expensive. So if you’re thinking of getting a cash-out to refinance a loan to fund home improvements, make sure to analyze all of these factors to see if it’s really in your best interest.

Grants for Home Improvements

Homeowners who are in dire need of significant repairs or remodelling (but cannot afford the exorbitant prices of building contractors) may wish to look into the possibilities of obtaining home renovation grants to help them achieve these goals. Every year, millions of dollars in government money are distributed to aid residents in obtaining the funding they so desperately require to preserve their homes and properties.

Single-family home owners use this grant money to refinish basements, build more rooms, repair roofs, improve heating and plumbing systems and much more. Real estate developers can get more significant amounts of home improvement grant monies to renovate condemned properties and convert them into high-end lofts and condominiums. Landlords are in a unique position to obtain this type of money because when maintenance is neglected, the safety of tenants is jeopardized.

The government has a great interest in contributing to the prevention of homelessness, urban development, and keeping property values up in order to generate more favourable tax revenues. So they are often willing to award home improvement grants to qualified applicants. Whether your home and repair projects are small or on a larger and more expensive scale, you may be one of those qualified applicants.

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